Mixertech Products

Series 250Series 250

Variable and fixed speed units from laboratory to large commercial scale applications. These units are normally used for small, rim mount models, or in larger applications, for high shear and emulsification duties.

500 seriesSeries 500

Light and portable side mount or fixed mount units, ideal for water treatment, chemical make-up, food processing and similar duties

1000 seriesSeries 1000

This Versatile, medium duty range of robust drives can be used on open tank applications, requiring a base-plate mounting. Generally used for blending, or solids in suspension, as well as gas dispersion applications

2000 seriesSeries 2000

This flange mounted model allows it to be directly installed on a closed tank application. It also comes with a variety of sealing devices such as a lip seal, dust cover, moat seal, stuffing box, or mechanical seal.

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